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CU Rewards Program

Your Credit Card Just Got MORE Rewarding!


CU Magic Minute Shopping Spree

Thousands of items and 60 seconds to grab ALL you can!

Use your NRLFCU Rewards card three times a week to qualify for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Chicago and a 60-second shopping spree in a Rewards warehouse.

Visit www.CUMagicMinute.com to learn more and to register.

The NRLFCU VISA® Platinum Card is more than prestigious—it’s very rewarding. From merchandise to sporting events, vacations to NRLFCU services. These are just a few of the rewards you can earn through the CU Rewards program.

(*APR = Annual Percentage Rate)

Points from Purchases

Every net dollar you spend using your NRLFCU VISA® Platinum Card counts toward reward points. Before you know it, you’ve racked up enough points for exciting rewards such as airfare, spa packages and hotel stays, jewelry, cookware, electronics and more. The fun begins with as few as 2,500 points. Take a tour of merchandise, travel and other rewards now.

Earn Service Discounts

The points you earn can also be redeemed for NRLFCU services—including cash off closing costs on an NRLFCU mortgage or home equity loan, auto or personal loan payments, or GAP insurance. Plus, you can transfer points to family members, so they can enjoy even sweeter deals on NRLFCU services, too.

Redeem Your CU Rewards Points

CU Rewards points may be redeemed for merchandise, travel, NRLFCU services and more.

Ready to redeem your points for airline travel, car rentals, hotel stays or merchandise? Click here.

Want to reward yourself or a family member with CU Services? See the options below. To redeem points, contact NRLFCU Card Services Department at 301.839.8400 ext. 8417 or 800.526.6661, ext. 8417.

NRLFCU Service # CU Rewards Points Reward/Offer*
First loan payment –
a new NRLFCU auto, personal, home equity loan or home loan*
Real Estate Closing Costs – on a new NRLFCU Home Equity or Home Loan
GAP Waiver
$320 toward a GAP waiver

* Due to system constraints, when applying funds to a new NRLFCU home loan, we’ll apply the amount in complete payments only or as a principal-only payment.

* Offers and values are subject to change without notice.

CU Rewards Disclosure

Everything you need to know about CU Rewards is here. Please read the CU Rewards Terms & Disclosures below.

Earning CU Rewards Points

Every net purchase dollar you spend earns you a CU Reward point. Points will expire four years from the end of the calendar year in which they are earned, and will expire on a first-in, first-out basis annually (e.g., points earned in calendar year one will expire on the last business day of calendar year five). If your account is delinquent or over the limit, it will not earn Rewards points. Cash advances, including convenience checks, and balance transfers are excluded from earning Rewards points.

Redeeming CU Rewards Points

CU Rewards points may be redeemed for merchandise, travel, credit union services and more. When you’re ready to redeem your points for airline travel, car rentals, hotel stays, or merchandise, please click here.

To redeem points for CU Services, contact NRLFCU Card Services Department by email or at 301.839.8400, ext. 8417 or 800.526.6661, ext. 8417.

Additional Information

Points may be transferred only to family members who are members of NRLFCU and who intend to redeem them toward NRLFCU services within 90 days of receipt. Otherwise, points are non-transferable and may not be redeemed by anyone other than the owners(s) of the card. Points are forfeited in the event of account closure by you or NRLFCU. NRLFCU may change the above terms and conditions in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice. NRLFCU may, among other things, change the point accumulation methods, number of points required for redemption, etc. We have the right to terminate the CU Rewards program at any time.