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Balance Transfer

YES! I want to transfer my outstanding debts to my NRLFCU credit card.


I hereby authorize NRL Federal Credit Union to pay off the balance(s) due on the revolving charge or other consumer loan account(s) listed below by issuing a check to the accounts indicated and adding a cash advance for the total amounts to my NRLFCU VISA account. I understand that the transaction will appear on my statement as “cash advance” and finance charges will accrue immediately. I understand that NRLFCU is not responsible for my payment being late or lost in the mail. I also understand that there may be outstanding charges on my account(s) and this advance may not pay off the total balance due. I further understand that if there is insufficient limit on my NRLFCU VISA account to pay off all the account balances listed below that the Credit Union will pay off my accounts in the order listed and notify me of any accounts that cannot be paid in full. I understand that it could take up to 14 business days for my balance transfer payment to be received and posted by the payee.  I will continue to make all required payments until the balance transfer has been completed by the payee.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 1.9% for one year on balances transferred from other financial institutions to your NRLFCU VISA Gold or Platinum
Card. After one year, the rate will default to the regular APR.